Climate assessments


Air temperature anomalies for Croatia in 2020

Anomalies of the mean air temperature for 2020 with respect to the normal 1981-2010 were in the range from 0.7 °C (Karlovac, Makarska, Komiža) to 1.6 °C (Puntijarka). At all stations, the air temperature was higher than the multi-annual average.

According to the percecntile ranks and classification ratings, thermal conditions in Croatia in 2020 are described by the following categories: warm (surroundings of Karlovac and Makarska), very warm (almost the entire area of Croatia except parts where it was warm or extremely warm) and extremely warm (Puntijarka, Rijeka, Kvarner islands, surroundings of Zavižan, Gospić, Zadar and Split, surroundings of the town of Hvar, southern Dalmatia).

Precipitation amounts for Croatia in 2020

The anomalies of the precipitation amount in 2020 compared to the normal 1981-2010 range from 81% of the multi-annual average in Lastovo (514.7 mm) to 131% in Varaždin (1087.8 mm). Analysis of the anomalies of precipitation amounts for the year 2020, expressed as a percentage of the multi-annual average, shows that the precipitation amounts at most of the analyzed stations were below, and at nine of them above the multi-annual average.

Precipitation conditions in Croatia in 2020, expressed in percentiles, were normal in most parts of the territory, but also dry to very rwet in isolated locations. Rainfall conditions are described in more detail in the following categories: dry (near Bilogora, Sisak, Karlovac, Šibenik, Komiža, Lastovo), normal (most of the territory), wet (near Zagreb, Pazin, Senj) and very wet (around Varaždin).